OHDXF ’OH DX Foundation’ is a foundation created mainly by Finnish DX oriented radio amateurs.

The main role of the foundation is to support Finnish and foreign radio amateurs to pursue DX peditions all over the world. The support can be financial and/or material in the form of loaning radio amateur gear and antennas. One important aspect is to share information and experiences for DXing as well. In addition the foundation will provide checking of the QSLs for DXCC, maintain DX honour roll tables for Finnish amateurs and relay Daily DX/Weekly DX bulletin subscriptions.

OHDXF will organize various happenings. The main happening is the annual DX/Contest meeting, which will convey the latest news and presentations to the participants.

OHDXF works together with the Finnish Radio Amateur League (SRAL) to develop further Finnish radio amateur activity, especially the DX dimension of our hobby.

OHDXF has reached already a quite mature age as it was founded in 2000 at the Finnish Radio Amateur League summer camp in Messilä in Lahti region.