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22nd OHDXF & CCF Annual Meeting 15 - 17. May, 2020

Holiday Club Tampere Spa, Tampere

The 2020 Meeting will be held in the Holiday Club Hotel and Spa Resort in the fascinating city center of Tampere, see . Contest Club Finland and OHDXF are jointly organizing this year's meeting. The program will be the traditional mix of the latest in the DX and Contesting, but most of all it will be a great opportunity to meet and chat with many friends of the Contest and DX community. 
The theme of the meeting is “Contesting & DX’ing in 2025”. The program is in the making and we plan get most of it posted within this month. There will be 7 to 8 presentations with the intention to have about half and half Contesting and DX.

The Meeting fee is € 75,-. It includes the program, the conference space and equipment, a lunch and an afternoon coffee. On Friday the 15th we have reserved a space in the restaurant for a Get together meeting on the basis that everyone covers his/hers own costs. On Saturday the 16th the Meeting starts at 10 and continues until 18 o’clock. The Conference Dinner will be from 20 o'clock till midnight with a continuation in the bar. The dining and refreshments will be charged individually. There is no program on Sunday. 

OHDXF has reserved a quota from the hotel for the nights of May 15 and 16.
The room prices are € 108,- per night in a single room and € 128,- per night in a twin room (€ 64,- per person). The price includes breakfast and a free entry to the Spa premises. We keep on updating this page as things proceed.
Click here for the registration. Your registration will be confirmed within two days.
Best 73's, Kari OH5TS
Secretary of OHDXF


Kosovo on uusin DXCC maa (19.03.2018)
ARRL:n DXCC-komitea on muuttanut DXCC:n sääntöjä. Muutosten perusteella Kosovo, Z6 on uusin DXCC maa  tammikuun 21. päivästä 2018 lähtien. Z60A:n kansainvälinen..

S21ZED ja S21ZEE DXpedition video (12.06.2017)
Yuris, YL2GM on lähettänyt OHDXF:lle linkin S21-pedition videosta. Linkki on

Moni ehti jo päivittää tilanteesa, kiitos siitä. Samalla saatiin tilanteet ajan tasalle. Jatketaan harjoituksia ja lisätään nuo karkulaiset takaisin, hi. 73, Timo..

OHDXF r.y.:n vuosikokouksen pöytäkirja (06.05.2017)
Ohessa kevätpäivien yhteydessä pidetyn vuosikokouksen pöytäkirja.

KH4 ja KH7 Deleted (04.04.2017)
ARRL on ilmoittanut 31.3.2017 KH4:n ja KH7:n menneen deleted-maiksi 26.8.2016. OHDXF taulukot päivitettän pian. Katso lisätietoja DXa-taulukot alasivulta.