OHDXF & CCF 20th ANNUAL MEETING, March 10th - 11th, 2018 Holiday Club Caribia, Turku

Full name*
I am attending the Meeting on Saturday, the 10th of March.
I am joining the dinner in Saturday evening, the 10th of March.
I am staying overnight in Caribia on Friday night, the 9th of March.
I am staying overnight in Caribia on Saturday night, the 10th of March.
I plan to participate in OH0X visit.

OHDXF will email you an invoice of the Meeting fee. The payment is due by January 31, 2018. You may cancel the reservation free of charge before the same date.

The Meeting fee, 75 euros payable to OHDXF, covers the conference room, the breakfast, lunch and coffee charges.The Meeting fee is 67 euros for anyone staying overnight on Friday night.

You will pay yourself the Saturday night dinner, the hotel room and the Sunday breakfast. Note that all room prices include breakfast. OHDXF has a special room price during the Meeting. A single room costs 108, a double room 128 and a triple room 168 euros per night. You will get the reservation code after registration. Reservations: hotelsales.caribia@holidayclub.fi or +358 300 870920.

The OH0X visit cost is estimated to be less than 40 euros. If there are more than 30 people taking part to the trip, OHDXF will organize bus transportation. The final outcome of the visit will be advised to the participants after the registration is closed. The participants will be charged separately of the cost.

Any questions and special requirements should be addressed to oh5ts@sral.fi.