OHDXF & CCF 22nd ANNUAL MEETING May 16th - 17th, 2020 Holiday Club Tampere Spa


Last name:*
First name:*
I am attending the Meeting on Saturday, the 16th of May.
I am joining the dinner in Saturday evening, the 16th of May.
I prefer a special diet:
I am staying overnight in Tampere Spa on Friday night, the 15th of May.
I am staying overnight in Tampere Spa on Saturday night, the 16th of May.

The Meeting fee, 75 euros payable to OHDXF, covers the conference charges. OHDXF has a special room price during the Meeting. A single room costs 108 euros and a double room 128 euros per night. After registration anyone indicating an overnight stay will receive a reservation code from OHDXF. Everyone pays his or her room charges. The Sunday breakfast will be free of charge for those staying in the hotel. Anyone else joining the breakfast will have to pay 9 euros to the restaurant.